Power Golf Balls

If you’re looking for a range of power golf balls to get you spanking those drives 300 yards down the fairway, then look no further!

This website reviews a vast range of golf balls which will give you maximum distance off the tee, with minimum unintentional slicing / hooking.

There is no greater feeling in the world than standing on the first tee at your local golf course, confidently stepping up to your golf ball and driving it straight down the center of the fairway – cue admiration from your golfing partners!  With a power golf ball, you will maximise the chance of this dream scenario happening EVERY time you stand on the tee!

Golf balls which give you more power and distance off the tee are manufactured to minimise spin, and maximise length – this leads to a truer strike from the tee, giving you the confidence to hit more straighter, longer, and accurate shots.  This type of play gives you the “lift” to go on and make the most of the rest of your game.

Power Golf Balls

The good news is that there are a whole host of golf ball manufacturers, including Nike, Titleist, Top Flite and Wilson, who have constructed power golf balls which cater to those of us who desire longer and straighter drives.  You can pick and choose the type of golf ball you wish to play with based on factors such as:


A few manufacturers have created balls with the sole intention of adding length to your drives and long irons.  In some cases, this will, most likely, result in decreased “feel” around the greens.


There is a certain sacrifice you have to make when choosing a power golf ball, i.e. the more the ball has been developed for raw power, the trade-off is that this usually results in lees feel on and around the greens.  However, there are still golf balls out there which will provide greater power without sacrificing too much feel.


As with the feel of a golf ball, the spin rate will also determine how much control you’ll get from a golf ball when approaching the green.  Different balls will give you different spin rates – if you’re looking for a golf ball which will ’sit down’ with ease, then there are a few types available which will deliver this.


You will find that there is a wide range of pricing between different golf ball manufacturers for power golf balls.  It’s important to remember that there is not necessarily a direct correlation between price, and which golf ball is best for you.  Golf is very much a game which should be tailored to your own style and preference, and if you can find a golf ball which works well for you which doesn’t break the bank, then brilliant!

If you feel that you need more “oomph” off the tee, and would like to see your golf balls travel farther AND straighter, then please take your time to have a look around this site, showcasing the best power golf balls available on the market!

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